Hillsboro Hammerheads -
We are a new women's tackle football team in Hillsboro Oregon, and WE WANT TO BE YOUR TEAM! We are currently recruiting players, coaches, staff, announcers, and FANS! We are a team of mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends playing the greatest game on earth! We are getting stronger together every day, empowering ourselves to reach our personal and professional goals, and having a great time doing it! If you've never played before, and you aren't sure if you can, you can! All you need is the desire to do it and a positive attitude! We lift each other up, combining our strengths to eliminate our weaknesses one by one. You can count on us! Come be amazed by yourself!

Current Events -
The Hammerheads are having our first fundraising event from 5-8pm, on January 29th NE Cornell Rd Hillsboro, OR Burgerville location. We would very much appreciate your support, and we’ve made it incredibly easy to help! All you have to do is take the night off from cooking! That’s right, give yourself the night off and give some women in your community the help they need to succeed. From 5-8pm, Burgerville has generously offered to share a portion of their sales with our team.
This team makes our community’s mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, and girlfriends stronger! It empowers them to reach their personal and professional goals, and allows them to give back to their community, all while having a great time! So, please, enjoy a delicious burger, or a creamy shake, it will taste even sweeter knowing you are supporting an amazing and deserving group of women!